Social Media Quick Tip: Contests on Facebook increase participation quickly

One of my clients is using a successful strategy on Facebook which is actually nearly as old as marketing itself: contests. They sell relatively inexpensive products online, and have started a “weekly giveaway” contest on their Facebook page to increase participation and interest among their fans. One selected product per week is shipped to the winner free of charge.

How to do it

Create a post on your page with the image of the product, and some narrative describing the product and your appreciation for the participation of your fans. Instruct them to tag themselves in the photo and leave a comment. Alternatively, ask them to “like” your post and leave a comment. Set and announce date that you will choose the winner from all comments received, and then post a follow-up message announcing the winner (make it relatively soon so they don’t forget!), and tell them that the product is on its way!

If you provide professional services only, how about offering a one-time discount from your service fees? How about an hour of free analysis or phone time? You don’t have to sell a physical product in order to provide a very valuable and appealing “giveaway.”

Why it’s important

The more Facebook members interact with your company page, the more likely your posts will appear on their “news feed” home page. Have you noticed that you tend to see more about the pages and profiles that you visit on a regular basis?

Soliciting comments or photos of your product in use, in order to win a contest, provides you with valuable testimonial content to use in all of your marketing channels. These comments are pure gold, folks! Everyone is more likely to purchase after reading a real testimonial from another customer or client.

Will some of the non-winners still purchase the product? Will the on-lookers? Will all of your fans check back more often, and have a more favorable opinion of your company? To all of those, you bet!

Is your business on Facebook?

Facebook has grown exponentially and is often used more than even email these days. It is the most visited website in the U.S. We can establish your Facebook presence and guide you in all of the industry’s best known methods for successfully marketing your business on Facebook and other popular social media channels. Read more about social media on our website, and contact us today!

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